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Classic Football Shirts

West Ham United Showcase Tour 22/23

What's Atacar?

ATACAR - “attack” in Spanish. This is the belief and value we have for our brand, which implies our initiative to lead the sportswear market. With novel and innovative design, and also competitive price, we aim to provide all sports users an exceptional experience.


ATACAR endeavour to support local football development. With the bond and build up of ATACAR-Clubs-Supporters, all parties would be mutually befenifited.

Through our sponsorship to notable Football Clubs, ATACAR can be benefitted with the marketing exposure. Meanwhile, ATACAR converts our marketing exposure into monetary or equipment supplies to Football Clubs. With the more resources provision, Football Clubs integrate the resources better to develop the players and the club.

Better players and results attract more supporters to the Football Clubs, which turn out that ATACAR and the club receive more marketing exposure.

Apart from existing clubs, if you have any interest to join the ATACAR Clubs, you are welcome to contact us.

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To own an unique football jersey is every team wish. Each ATACAR Exclusive Matchday are limited edition - to be "ONE OF A KIND" on the pitch.


    Each EXCLUSIVE MATCHDAY Series are created with unique ATACAR style - to be "ONE OF A KIND" on the pitch. Every series would be limited edition - to ensure your team look distinctive.

    With the lightweight material, all Exclusive Matchday series improves the heavyweight and sticky problem from sweating.
    Players bring Exclusive Matchday into play and make an impact on the pitch.


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